Student Financial Services

Welcome to Xavier Student Financial Services!

The staff members in the Office of Student Financial Services are available to guide you and your family through the financial aid process. Our financial aid counselors will be here every step of the way to advise you and answer any questions. Together, we will help you realize just how valuable and worthwhile a Xavier education will be. 

Financial Aid Self-Service

What is Financial Aid Self-Service?

Self-Service is a secure, web-based portal that provides 24/7 access to academic records, registration information, financial aid, student accounts, and other university services.

What can you do in Financial Aid Self-Service?

Within the Self-Service portal, you have access to the following financial aid functions:

  • View documents needed to complete your financial aid application
  • Check the status of documents submitted to Student Financial Services
  • View your Financial Aid Awards offered by Xavier University
  • Check which funds have been paid to your student account
  • Review personalized messages from Student Financial Services regarding your account
  • Check your student account balance
  • Review your account for any holds that need to be resolved
  • Review financial aid award history by term and by year

We encourage you to explore Financial Aid Self-Service and familiarize yourself with the features that it offers.

Who can access Financial Aid Self-Service?

  • Current undergraduate, graduate, and ABSN students
  • Newly admitted incoming freshman students who have committed to Xavier
  • Admitted transfer, ABSN, and graduate students
  • Parents and other individuals who have been granted proxy access

How do I access Financial Aid Self-Service?

Access Self-Service through the current student hub.

Proxy Access

Proxy Access gives students the ability to authorize parents, guardians, and others to view or discuss their university information with Xavier staff. Individuals who have been granted Proxy Access will be able to view student grades, financial aid award information, and student account and billing details.

Students are encouraged to visit the Proxy Access page for details regarding how to designate a proxy.

Xavier Tuition and Fees

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To estimate how much you and your family may need to contribute for one year at Xavier University, explore our Net Price Calculator tool by clicking the link below.

Net Price Calculator

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I file the FAFSA?
How do I apply for loans?
Do I need to make an appointment to meet with a financial aid counselor?

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